Sermon of the Week


January 2020

Warrior pt. 1

What are you fighting for?! Defeat the fear that stares you down. Find purpose in your battles. Discover your God-given courage to become the Warrior He made you to be. Check out this powerful message duo from Pastor Brad and Pastor Dianne.


What if this year was not just about becoming BETTER, but about becoming GREATER? What would that kind of change look like? Jesus re-calibrates what greatness looks like and points us in that direction.

December 2019

Hope has a name pt 3

FATHER! What Comes to Mind with this Word? Is it Positive or Negative? Jesus came to reveal God as a FATHER! And His Description Blows Religious Minds! Check Out This Message About God as an EVERLASTING FATHER! Jesus Tells a Story NOT of a Prodigal Son but of a Prodigal Father!